On A Perfect Day

MarcJordan_On A Perfect Day

Released: 2013 Label: Lettuce Head Producer: Chris Bilton

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Track Listing

On a Perfect Day / I Have No Doubt / My TVShe Doesn’t Mean That Much to Me / Avalina / Hell of a Ride / Too Far to Turn Back Now / Wounded / Butter Lane / I’ll Never Love Like That Again / The First Time


Crucifix In Dreamland

Released: 2010 Label: Cafe/EMI Producer: Chris Bilton, Marc Jordan

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Track Listing

Crucifix In Dreamland / Was It All Just In My Head / Falling Man (featuring Luke McMaster) / New York Snow / Geronimo’s Fire / Bamboo Girl (featuring Hawksley Workman) / Hueco Tanks (featuring Timothy B. Schmit) / Your Love Was All (featuring Alison Krauss & Ron Sexsmith) / Raspberry Rain (featuring Dala) / Blue As A Gun Called Love / Like The Sun / Rhythm of My Heart (featuring Johnny Reid) / It’s Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) / Falling Man (Radio Mix, featuring Luke McMaster) / Rockets (Radio Mix 02)



Make Believe Ballroom

Released: 2004 Label: EMI
Producer: Marc Jordan, Bill Bell

Track Listing

Lulu the Acrobat / Lets Waste Some Time / When Rita Takes The ‘A’ Train / Lonesome Town / Tears of Hercules / Shot Down My Heart / Everytime We Say Goodbye / Timbuktu / The Best Part of My Life / I Must Have Said Your Name Out Loud / From a Late Night Train



Living in Marina del Rey and Other Stories

Released: 2002 Label: EMI
Producer: Gary Katz, Marc Jordan

Track Listing

Rockets / Sex Symbol / Marina del Ray (remix) / Survival (Remix) / I’m a Camera / Catch The Moon / This Independance / I Ching / Edge of the World / Burning Down The Amazon / Inside My Piano / Little Lambs / Rhythm of My Heart / Let Me Be Your Boat / Soul On Soul (with Amy Sky) / Let’s Get Lost / Charlie Parker Loves Me



This Is How Men Cry

Released: 1999 Label: EMI Producers: Steve Mackinnon, Marc Jordan

Track Listing

This Is How Men Cry / Charlie Parker Loves Me / Crazy / Slow Bombing The World / I Must Have Left My Heart / Let’s Get Lost / Let It Be Me / Almost Blue / London In The Rain



Marc Jordan Live Now and Then

Released: 1999 Label: EMI
Producer: Marc Jordan

Track Listing

Marina Del Rey / Runaway Heart / I Fall From Grace / Catch The Moon / Cool Jam Black Earth / Must Have Left My Heart / Satin Dolls / Survival / Lost in the Hurrah / New York New York / I’m a Camera



Cool Jam Black Earth

Released: 1996 Label: EMI
Producers: Steve Mackinnon, Marc Jordan

Track Listing

I’ll Be Your Priest / Spain (Only Love Can Dry My Tears) / Let Me Be Your Boat / Beautiful Disguise / Runaway Heart / Catch the Moon / Cool Jam Black Earth / Flowers for Jane / Faith



Reckless Valentine

Released: 1993 Label: EMI
Producers: Steve Mackinnon, Marc Jordan

Track Listing

Back Street Boy / Little Lambs / Waiting for a Miracle / Must Have Left My Heart / All Show / Coronation Street / The Same Mistake / Rhythm of My Heart / Tell Me You Love Me / I Held On Too Long



C.O.W. (Conserve Our World)

Released: 1990 Label: BMG
Producer: Kim Bullard

Track Listing

Big Love / Edge of the World / Guns of Belfast / Burning Down the Amazon / Bridges in the Dark Silent Night / Inside My Piano / Can We Still Be Friends? / Power / Holding Up the Sky



Talking Through Pictures

Released: 1987 Label: BMG
Producers: Paul De Villiers, Kim Bullard

Track Listing

This Independence / Kensington Garden / Catch the Moon / I Ching / Talking Through Pictures / Soldier of Furtune / Seek and You Shall Find / Inside the Glass Bead / Human Race / I Was Your Fool



A Hole in the Wall

Released: 1983 Label: Sound Design
Producers: David Foster, Don Murray, Marc Jordan

Track Listing

Slipping Away / Margarita / She Used to Be My World / A Hole in the Wall / Where Did We Go Wrong / It’s Only Love / Like a Wheel / Thieves / Dance With Me / Hold On



Live at El Mocambo

Released: 1980 Label: Warner Bros.
Producer: Marc Jordan

Track Listing

Secrets / I’m a Camera / Potential and Air / New York New York / You’re Not Greater Than God / Satin Dolls / Survival / Lost in the Hurrah / From Nowhere to This Town



Blue Desert

Released: 1979 Label: Warner Bros.
Producer: Jay Graydon

Track Listing

Generalities / I’m a Camera / Twilight / From Nowhere to This Town / Beautiful People / Lost in the Hurrah / Release Yourself / Tattooed Lady / Exile




Released: 1978 Label: Warner Bros.
Producer: Gary Katz

Track Listing

Survival / Jungle Choir / Mystery Man / Marina Del Rey / Red Desert / Street Life / Dancing on the Boardwalk / Only Fools / One Step Ahead of the Blues / Lost Because You Can’t Be Found