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Singer Songwriter, Composer, Artist

Marc was born in Brooklyn, NY, son of singer Charles Jordan, and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Jordan’s music career really took off in 1978 when he was signed to Warner Music in Los Angeles and began writing songs for and with the likes of Diana Ross, Chicago, Kansas, Manhattan Transfer, Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler, Natalie Cole, Olivia Newton John, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Josh Groban, Cher and Rod Stewart, including the world wide #1 hit “Rhythm of My Heart.” Jordan has won numerous ASCAP, JUNO, SOCAN and Smooth Jazz awards over the years. 

His songs have been on 35 million CDs and he has recorded 16 albums of his own material. In his forty plus year career he has been a hit solo artist (‘Marina Del Rey’, ‘Survival’), a sought-after songwriter, and in the last decade, he took up a paintbrush and became an amazing visual artist.

With his most recent album release of Both Sides in April 2019, Jordan finally explored his love of the great American songbook by recording some of his favorite hits from the mid 20th century. Carefully crafted and recorded with the Prague Symphony, Jordan put his own modern spin on classics like “The Nearness of You” and “What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life”, along with Joni Mitchel's “Both Sides Now” and Lou Reid’s masterpiece “Walk on the Wild Side”. Regarding the album, Jeff Moses of WJMX Smooth Jazz Boston Global Radio praised, “Smooth vocals above perfect covers. Wow! This is a world-class masterpiece album.” 

Currently, Marc Jordan and his wife Amy Sky are spending more time writing and recording in Nashville, TN and plan to release a new album in 2020. Trends come and go, but for an artist of Marc’s breadth, marrying his talent with inspiration has never been an issue. There’s always been a project in the headlights for Jordan, ”My passion for music and for songwriting is deeper and more profound now than ever before in my life. And so, I go to my studio, put my headphones on every day, seven days a week, and I write.”

Milestones and Great Moments
The reward of
producing great work 
is it's own award.
Mark Jordan
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1978 JUNO Nomination: Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year 

1981 Platinum, The Manhattan Transfer: Mecca for Moderns - "On the Boulevard"

1981 Grammy Winner: Pop and Jazz Album of the Year, The Manhattan Transfer: Mecca For Moderns - “On the Boulevard” 


1981 Gold (USA), "Radar Rider" (From the movie, Heavy Metal)  


1988 Gold (USA), The Manhattan Transfer: "Body and Soul", "Soldier of Fortune", "This Independence"


1988 Genie Awards, Best Original Song: "Shadow Dance" (from the movie Shadow Dancing)


1989 Gold (USA), Chicago: Chicago 19 


1989 Platinum, Chicago: Chicago 19 - "Victorious"

1991 CMPA (Canadian Music Publishers Association)  Adult contemporary pop song of the year - "Rhythm of My Heart"

1992 ASCAP POP AWARD Rod Stewart: Vagabond Heart  - "Rhythm of My Heart"


1992 Platinum, Vagabond Heart 


1992 Triple Platinum, Rod Stewart Vagabond Heart  - “Rhythm of My Heart”

1994, JUNO Awards, Producer of the Year: Reckless Valentine - "Waiting for a Miracle"  


1994 Platinum (Germany), Joe Cocker: Have a Little Faith - “Take me home”


1994 Gold (USA), Joe Cocker Have a Little Faith - “Take me home”  


1995 Gold (USA), Bette Midler: Bette of Roses - “Perfect Kiss”


1995 Platinum, Rod Stewart: A Spanner in the Works - “This”


1995 Platinum, Rod Stewart: A Spanner in the Works

1996 SOCAN Classic Awards, Marina Del Rey 


1997 Seven times Platinum, Amanda Marshall: "Fall from Grace", "Promises"


1998 Gold, Holly Cole: Dark Dear Heart  - "Timbuktu"

1999 SOCAN Classic Awards, Rod Stewart: "Rhythm of my heart"


2004 JUNO Nomination, Songwriter of the Year: "Let’s Waste Some Time", "Shut Down My Heart", "Tears of Hercules"


2004 JUNO Nomination, Vocal Jazz Album of the Year: "Make-Believe Ballroom"  

2004 CANADIAN SMOOTH JAZZ AWARDSNominated, Best Original Composition: "Shut Down My Heart"


2004 Nominated, Male Vocalist of the Year

2007 Winner, Male Vocalist of the Year 


2009 Winner, SOCAN Classic Awards “This”, “I Fall From Grace"

2010 Winner, Male vocalist of the year 

2010 Gold (USA), The Tenors: The Perfect Gift - "Instrument of Peace"

2010 ALBUM: Crucifix in Dreamland - Single" Your Love Was All" Marc Jordan

2012 Lunch at Allen’s ALBUM: Zuzu's Petals: A Lunch At Allen's Christmas (Linus Entertainment, CanadaSingle)

2013 Marc Jordan ALBUM: On a Perfect Day (2013)

2014 "Marc Jordan Named New Music Lab Chair at Canadian Film Center" The Hollywood Reporter, Toronto

2017 Lunch at Allen's ALBUM: If It Feels Right (Linus Entertainment, Canada)


2018 Marc Jordan ALBUM: Both Sides (Linus Entertainment, Canada)

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