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Juno Nomination for He Sang She Sang

Though they have been married for 34 years, He Sang She Sang is the first duo album from critically accl

aimed and commercially successful Toronto singer/songwriters Marc Jordan and Amy Sky. Released on Linus in 2022, this is a superbly-curated collection of songs that combines fresh takes on some beloved classics together with new original compositions.

The covers include songs by Tom Petty (Free Fallin’, the first single which has already had over 155,000 views on YouTube), The Beach Boys, Smokey Robinson, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson and Frank Loesser. There is an appealing diversity in the song selection, with tunes across genres including Rock, Pop, Soul, Folk and Americana. The new original material (primarily from Sky) explores matters of the heart in insightful and compelling ways.

All the songs are given vibrant life here via performance in duets format by two masterful vocalists. Jordan, well-schooled in the jazz vocal tradition, is a virtuoso of phrasing, bringing lyrics to life in subtly understated fashion. Sky possesses a rich and mellow alto voice, brimming with emotional expressiveness.

On He Sang She Sang, the pair trade lines effortlessly, then bring those voices together in perfect harmony. The results are enchanting. Add in the impeccable musical contributions of A-list session players in both Nashville and Toronto, and the result is an album of wide and timeless appeal.

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