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Music Scene - Canada’s Most Prolific Songwriter Marc Jordan Bares ‘Both Sides’ on New Disc

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

By Rick Keene | Mar. 28, 2019

Marc Jordan has appeared on thirty-five million CDs. Put that in your MP3 player and

smoke it …

Marc has written for or co-written with the who is who of the music business. Rod Stewart, Josh Groban, Diana Ross, Chicago, Kansas, Manhattan Transfer, Kenny Loggins, Amanda Marshal, Bette Midler, Natalie Cole, Roch Voisine, Canadian Tenors, Shawn Colvin, Olivia Newton-John, Joe Cocker and Bonnie Raitt. To name ‘just’ a few.

An amazing body of work which is unmatched in Canadian history. Now Marc has released a CD with some of his favorite tunes that helped inspire his songwriting craft. Add an orchestra and what you have is magical.

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