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Newest Inductee Into Canada’s Songwriters Hall Of Fame Singer-Songwriter Marc Jordan Releases New Single ‘Best Day of My Life’

NOVEMBER 11, 2023

Iconic singer and veteran songwriter Marc Jordan, whose remarkable career has spanned over four decades, has dropped a captivating new single, “Best Day of My Life,” from his critically acclaimed album “Waiting for the Sun To Rise,” released in April 2023. This soulful and mesmerising track is a testament to Marc Jordan’s exceptional talent and ability to evolve as an artist.

In a significant milestone of his illustrious career, Jordan has been honoured with induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony took place on November 1, 2023, in Toronto, Ontario, recognizing Jordan as an acclaimed producer, jazz vocalist, and revered songwriter known as a “songwriter’s songwriter” by his peers and industry icons. Alongside fellow inductee John Capek, with whom he co-wrote the hit “Rhythm of My Heart” for Rod Stewart, Jordan was celebrated for his immense contributions to the world of music.

Jordan expressed his gratitude, saying, “It’s very gratifying to be recognized with and by your peers anywhere in the world, but it makes it all the more gratifying to be recognized at home here in Canada – and at the same time as my first and most successful writing partner John Capek with whom I have worked on and off for almost 50 years.”

“Best Day of My Life,” the latest single from Jordan’s album Waiting for the Sun To Rise, is a beautifully poignant and contemplative track that delves into the theme of longing for something or someone that seems just out of reach. The song captures the essence of yearning for connection and recognition from someone unaware of your existence. The delicate balance of sentimentality and resignation is perfectly reflected in a heartfelt trumpet solo by Grammy-winning trumpeter Randy Brecker.

Marc Jordan, a native of Brooklyn, New York, and son of singer Charles Jordan, spent his formative years in Toronto, Canada. His music career began in 1978 when he signed with Warner Music in Los Angeles. Since then, Jordan has penned songs for and collaborated with a plethora of music legends, including Diana Ross, Chicago, Kansas, Manhattan Transfer, Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler, Natalie Cole, Olivia Newton-John, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Josh Groban, Cher, and Rod Stewart. Notably, his song “Rhythm of My Heart” became a worldwide #1 hit for Rod Stewart. Jordan has been honoured with numerous prestigious awards, including ASCAP, JUNO, SOCAN, and Smooth Jazz awards, and his songs have appeared on over 35 million CDs. He has released 16 albums of his own material. He has enjoyed a diverse career as a solo artist, songwriter, and visual artist.

The song features a warm piano intro enveloped by strings, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Jordan’s soulful vocals infuse the track with raw emotion, and the gentle progression of the piano and the subtle percussion create a soothing backdrop that complements the song’s reflective lyrics.

With the release of “Best Day of My Life” and his induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Jordan continues to make an indelible mark on the music industry. His rich and varied career has been punctuated by exceptional songwriting, moving performances, and a deep connection with his audience. As “Best Day of My Life” graces the airwaves, fans and music enthusiasts can revel in the depth of emotion and musical prowess Jordan brings to his craft.

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