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New Reviews and a New Video for Rio Grande

“Yet another shining example not only of Jordan’s gifts as a poet, composer and musician, but also of his ineffable taste and understanding of the essential need for human communication through the arts.” – Lesley Mitchell-Clark, Wholenote

“As the singer wishes life could be longer, the strings elevate him and the listener to a higher and wider view. When the orchestra launches Brecker into a gently triumphant [trumpet] solo, reminiscent of his sublime reverb-soaked turn on Springsteen’s “Across the River,” it’s almost too beautiful to stand.” – Allen Michie, Artsfuze

“Now that Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot are no longer with us, the unofficial mantle of Canadian poet laureate singer-songwriter transfers nicely now to famed Juno and Genie Award winner Marc Jordan.” -- Jonathan Widran, JWVibe

The heartfelt emotional centerpiece of Marc Jordan’s new album Waiting for the Sun To Rise is “Rio Grande,” a sweeping anthem which artfully blends sociopolitical commentary about America’s loss of innocence with personal lovelorn yearning. Featuring trumpet great Randy Brecker, and piano by co-produce Lou Pomanti, the song was co-written with Steven MacKinnon from the Art of Time jazz ensemble.

Lyrically the song addresses the view from an experienced age, marvelling at how time passes quickly while many things stay the same: multiple tragedies of modern life with its gun violence, environmental disaster, and a sense of impending doom over the lack of clear solutions. But throughout there’s always hints of optimism and nostalgia to keeps us sustained through challenging rainy days with glimpses of brighter daylight ahead. It has been called his Magnum Opus and a triumph of a recording from a world-class artist performing at the peak of his skills.

“Rio Grande” can be found on any streaming service and on the Waiting For The Sun To Rise CD in your favourite retail store.


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