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The reviews are in, “Waiting for the Sun” garners attention and excitement.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Marc Jordan, Waiting for the Sun to Rise.

This 15th album from Toronto-based Marc Jordan is a moody pop gem that weds his sublime vocals to gorgeous arrangements for piano and orchestra by producer Lou Pomanti. The material is as good as its presentation: it includes a few well-chosen covers, such as Jimmy Webb’s “The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress” and Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” but love songs co-written by Jordan predominate, among them the exquisite title cut and the jazzy “Coltrane Plays the Blues.” By Jeff Burger

<< L’auteur et compositeur Canadien Marc Jordan chante Coltrane en nous proposant un texte et une voix empreinte d’émotion et de vécu…Sur Waiting for the Sun to Rise l’auteur et parolier est dans un mode introspectif et témoigne d’une sagesse acquise au fil des années. >>

"I’m not sure whether there is a more sensual male voice out there than the one of Canadian ace Marc Jordan. He’s like a modern Frank Sinatra but also with a vibe of both Al Jarreau and Leonard Cohen… Simply amazing. This man is able to deliver soft jazz in a way that few can master. All in all, lovely to hear another album by this hero! And Marc still sings like a God." - By Ola Gränshagen


"Marc and producer Lou Pomanti have crafted a beautiful collection of songs that give warmth, comfort, and entertain the best way possible - through great music." - Paul Power

"This is the kind of voice and delivery I am always looking for in a singer. Marc Jordan is honest and emotional, because he’s telling believable stories. Marc Jordan is an artist that is relatable. This was a touching and beautiful album full of truth and human feeling... an album that showcases well-written songs, strong arrangements, relatable lyrics and a vocal that touches the spirit." - Dee Dee McNeil

“Yet another shining example not only of Jordan’s gifts as a poet, composer and musician, but also of his ineffable taste and understanding of the essential need for human communication through the arts.” – Lesley Mitchell-Clark, Wholenote

“As the singer wishes life could be longer, the strings elevate him and the listener to a higher and wider view. When the orchestra launches Brecker into a gently triumphant [trumpet] solo, reminiscent of his sublime reverb-soaked turn on Springsteen’s “Across the River,” it’s almost too beautiful to stand.” – Allen Michie, Artsfuze

“Now that Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot are no longer with us, the unofficial mantle of Canadian poet laureate singer-songwriter transfers nicely now to famed Juno and Genie Award winner Marc Jordan.” -- Jonathan Widran, JWVibe

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