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Shantero Presents: Marc Jordan - Reviews

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

"Marc Jordan knows a lot about songwriting and performing. No wonder, he’s been doing it for over fifty years. Both Sideshas a sampling of a couple of Marc's compositions but its true musical footprint is the aural snapshot he's taken of the music written by others.

Shopworn standards have been a part of the music arsenal for sometime however Marc presents a twist on this tradition. He's redefining the standards repertoire, moving it from Hollywood musicals and the Broadway stage to the music that was the relevant soundtrack to many of our lives in the sixties and seventies. Marc has embraced songwriters who pioneered new sounds and perspectives: Joni Mitchell's confessional, folk infused and introspective, Both Sides Now; Lou Reed’s cheeky, x-rated, Walk on the Wild Side; the country blues lament of the Stones' love song, Wild Horses; Curtis Mayfield's timeless, anthemic, People Get Ready; and Michel Legrand's and Alan and Marilyn Bergman's love hymn, What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? These songs crept into our lives decades ago and for many of us they were and still are personal musical compasses.

As Nitshu Abebe wrote in the New York Times a while back "One of the great tricks of pop music is that no matter how much we like to imagine it's about musicians expressing themselves, it tends to be more useful as a way for listeners to figure out their own identities: Each song lets us try on a new way of being in the world".

If music is doing its job one of its functions is to act as a salve to the troubled times in our lives. Marc performs these songs with so much affection and imagination the mission is accomplished. Marc Jordan knows the importance and impact of a good song, whether it comes from his pen or someone else's."

- Ross Porter C.M., President Emeritus, JAZZ.FM91, Toronto

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